Validation and Capacity Building of FBOs in Ghana

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), envisions to strive for a modernized agricultural sector that will contribute to food security, employment opportunities and reduced poverty for Ghana’s population. Farmer-based Organizations (FBOs) have therefore been identified and promoted as one of the avenues to achieve this goal. FBOs provide opportunities for farmers to benefit from economies of scale, better bargaining power and a stronger voice in policy development. Well- organized FBOs promote farming as a business, with linkages along the product value chain.

There is therefore the need to explore a collaborative relationship with stakeholders in establishing linkages as an engine of pro-poor growth and enabling FBOs to meet new challenges, such as accessing export markets, adopting environmentally sustainable production techniques, and coping with HIV/AIDS and other health challenges that affect agriculture.

The benefits of this collaboration will facilitate speedy, efficient and cost effective delivery of extension services, creation of added value through synergies between public authorities and private sector actors through the integration and cross transfer of actors along the agricultural value chain.
It is against this background that the Directorate of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES – FBO Unit) embarked on a validation and capacity building exercise of some FBOs across the country. It also afforded the Unit the opportunity to interact with selected representatives of FBOs to share ideas and collect feedback on their operations and to determine the way forward.